Galaxkey Vault

Galaxkey Vault is a very powerful tool to secure files on your Desktop, in the Network or even your Cloud folders like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Sugar sync or any other cloud based folder that you want to secure.

The Vault works on the concept of creating a Vault folder in the designated folder. Any file you add to this folder it will be automatically secured for the Default Galaxkey Identity of the logged in user.

You can set the Galaxkey Vault folder using Configuration > Vault tab. You can create the Galaxkey Vault in any of the folders, to which you have complete read and write access. Once this folder is created any file you copy to this folder via file manager will be encrypted for your identity.

The Vault acts like a proper physical vault and only the person with proper credentials has access to the files in this folder.

Just like Galaxkey File Secure, you can directly edit files in the Vault as well, but the files will always be stored as Galaxkey Secured Files.

If you want to secure your Dropbox or One Drive folder, all you have to do is configure the Galaxkey Vault folder from the configuration to point to your local cloud folder.

Securing Files in Vault

Once you have configured Galaxkey Vault, you can copy any folder or file into the vault.

The files are encrypted before they are copied.

To secure a file in Galaxkey Vault;

1.Right click a file and select Add to Galaxkey Vault from the context menu.

2.Copy the file or folder and paste it in the Galaxkey Vault folder.