cloud synchronisation

The files that are stored in the MyFolder are automatically synchronised with the cloud storage. The files are synchronised by encrypting the files locally before copying to the cloud storage.

Since you have a Galaxkey account, you can install the Galaxkey software on multiple machines. Once you install Galaxkey on another machine and authenticate, your Cloud Storage folder is created and all your files are downloaded from the cloud. This way you can synchronise your files on multiple machines. This is exactly similar to other Cloud storage providers.

Any changes to the file in your storage folder are immediately synchronised with the cloud and thereby with all the machines where you have a Galaxkey software installed and configured.

Galaxkey Advantage

With Galaxkey you can have multiple identities synchronised on the same machine. Unlike other Cloud Storage providers, Galaxkey allows you to have multiple identities and each of these identities can have their separate stores locally and in the cloud. This way you can keep all your personal files and official files completely separate.