Send Secured eMail: Galaxkey Add-in

MS Outlook as a Galaxkey-enabled client provides an interface for sending secured e-mails.

Click the 'New' button in Outlook to open a new 'Message' window and compose your mail. The 'Message' window, provides following two sending options;

1.Send: This default sending option of Outlook can be used to send a regular, non-secured as well as secured email, based on the Galaxkey configurations.

2.Secure and Send: This option essentially secures the email before sending.

3.Classify: This option lets you tag an email manually based on its content.

Whenever you send a secured mail from Outlook, Galaxkey checks for the registration status of the recipients. Invites are sent to the unregistered recipients.

When you opt to send a secured mail, the ‘Confirmation' dialogue box is displayed.


The 'Confirmation' dialog will be displayed ONLY IF you have enabled the 'Confirm before sending secured emails' setting under Configuration >  Microsoft Windows & Outlook Add-in Configuration.

If the setting is disabled, a secured mail will be sent directly, without associating any of the Galaxkey attributes to the secured email.

In addition to displaying the recipient list and their Galaxkey registration status, the ‘Confirmation’ dialog serves following functions:





Option to receive intimations when recipients access a Galaxkey Secured Mail. There are three types of Galaxkey notifications;

Request: Sent when you opt for notification when user accesses you mail

Acknowledged: Sent when your recipients click ‘Yes’ on the notification alert

Rejected: Sent when your recipient selects ‘No’ on the Notification alert.

The mail will be decrypted ONLY when your recipient clicks the ‘Yes’ button on the alert.

Forward Block

Option to stop shared users from sharing the secured data with unintended users

The shared users can request the owner to permit sharing the data with others

Reply Block

Option to restrict shared users from further communication with the email owner

Please enter Galaxkey password for: <Owner Email>

For enhanced security, you must enter your Galaxkey password before sending a secured email.

This is enabled in following cases:

1.The Authenticate user when sending email setting is enabled in Configuration > Microsoft Windows & Outlook Add-in Configuration

2.When you select the Digital Sign check-box

Valid From

Using the ‘Valid from’ option, you can set the start time from which the shared users (recipients) can access the secured mails. Shared users will be unable to access the secured mails before the set time.

This option is exclusively available for Hybrid users.

Valid Till

Using the ‘Valid till’ option, you can set the time limit for which the shared users (recipients) can access the secured mails. Shared users will be unable to access the secured mails after this time lapses.

This option, if used in combination with Valid From option lets you set a definite period for which the mail is accessible.


Your organisation can opt for restricting secured attachments from leaving the premises. The ‘Geofence’ option is used for this purpose. When you check the ‘Geofence’ checkbox, an email with link to the secured mail is sent to the recipients.

This option is exclusively available for Hybrid users.


When you select this option, your email is digitally signed.


Click the 'Send' button to secure and send the email. All the secured emails you have sent are stored as such in the Sent items folder of you Outlook.