Security Options

Galaxkey Add-in for Microsoft Outlook can be configured at the organizational level to maximise the email security.

The Corporate Administrator can enable some settings using the Galaxkey Manager.

User Authentication While Sending Mail

Galaxkey provides a configurable option to mandate the user to authenticate while sending a secured email. This setting can be enabled from Galaxkey Manager > Configuration > Microsoft Windows & Outlook Add-in Configuration by

1.The Corporate Administrator for the organisation.

2.You, the individual user, as an individual account holder

3.You, the corporate user, when Allow Personal Configuration is enabled for your identity [Galaxkey Manager > Identities].

On the confirmation dialog, enter your password in the Please enter Galaxkey password for: <Owner Email> field before sending a secured email.

Time-Restricted Emails

Galaxkey lets you set the accessibility of secured data for a specified time period.

1.Select the Valid till option on the Confirmation dialog. This will enable the date and time control. The default validity of any Galaxkey secured email is set to thirty minutes from the system time. You can reset this to suit your requirements.

2.If you are a Hybrid Corporate user, you can also set the Valid From time.

When this option is set, the shared user can decrypt the email only after the set time.

Note: This is a configurable setting available exclusively for the hybrid users. Thus, this will be displayed in the Confirmation dialog if the corporate administrator enables it.

Digital Signature

The Galaxkey digital signature gives the shared user a confirmation of the authenticity, non-repudiation and integrity of the received secured email.

To insert a digital signature;

1.Select the ‘Sign’ check-box.

2.The Please enter Galaxkey password for: <Owner Email> field is enabled. Enter your Galaxkey password before sending the secured email.


This is a configurable setting available exclusively for the corporate users. Thus, this will be displayed in the Confirmation dialog if the corporate administrator enables it.

If you are using SSO authentication, e.g., Active Directory integration, you must enter your Windows login id and password for inserting the digital signature.

Authorised Data Distribution (ADD)

The Galaxkey Authorised data distribution is a form of selective functionality denial for limiting access to your corporate emails and the operations authorised shared users can perform on them.

You, as an email owner, can restrict the secured email from being circulated. The shared users must request and procure an approval to share the email further.  

Galaxkey lets you achieve this by enabling the Forward Block and/or Block Reply.

To enable the authorised data distribution for a secured email;

1.In the Confirmation dialog, select the Forward Block and/or Block Reply against the shared users.

2.You can enable this for all the shared user or a select few.

Your shared users can now forward the secured emails only after receiving your approval.

Note: Forward block can be revoked for selected users when the email owner grants permission. The reply block, however, is not revocable.

GeoFenced Emails

Your organisation can have a policy of stopping attachments from going out of the premises.

In such a case, the GeoFence option in Galaxkey can help by storing the attachment on a server within the organisation's premises and sending out a link to the shared users to access it over the internet.

To send a GeoFenced email;

1.Select the ‘GeoFence’ check-box on the ‘Confirmation’ dialog.

2.A secured email with a link to the actual secured file.

Your recipients can click the link and access the secured data on proper authentication and authorisation over the web in any of the browsers.