Other Features

Galaxkey provides an end-to-end security for your email communications. In view of this, the Galaxkey Add-in serves the following:

Sending Mails from Draft

You can configure multiple Exchange Accounts in Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016.

In such a set-up, if you save an e-mail in 'Drafts' and send it later, the Galaxkey Add-in auto-discovers and detects the sender before sending the secured email.

Compose the mail in drafts and click send

In-line Reply

Outlook 2013 and 2016 facilitates you to send to an e-mail from the reading pane, known as inline sending.

You can secure such inline mails using Galaxkey. as follows:

To secure and inline email;

1.Open a mail saved in Drafts folder OR click the ‘Reply’ or ‘Reply All’ or ‘Forward’.

2.Toggle between secure and non-secure using the lock icons in the ribbon.

a.: Indicates secured mail

b.: Indicates non-secured mail

Emails in Sent Item

A sent Galaxkey secured e-mail, is stored in the secured format in the Sent items folder as well.

You can access it using your Galaxkey credentials.

Securing Mails in Store

Your inbox stores a large number of sensitive emails. Galaxkey lets you secure all such mails.

To secure a mail in store;

1.Select a mail from the mail listing in your inbox. Click Secure on the Galaxkey ribbon menu or the context menu

2.You can secure multiple mails in one go. Select the mails to be secured and click the Secure button on the ribbon.

Note: The Secure option will work only when:

The 'Read all standard mail in plain text' is unchecked under Tools > Trust Centre > E-mail Security.

Your Outlook is connected to the server.

The Galaxkey Context menu will not be displayed when multiple mails are selected.