Identity Management

The Identities module lets you manage your Galaxkey identity. The identity listing summarises the user information for you. The important functions are:

1.Manage identity status

2.Revoking identities

3.Manage Galaxkey invites

Manage Identity Status

The Edit button lets you manage the identity status. In the edit mode, you can mark your identity Active or Inactive

When marked inactive, you cannot send or access secured emails.

The cloud synchronisation and document sharing for GSS is disabled.

Revoke Identity

Revocation functionality is necessary and crucial to identity-based cryptosystems primarily to prevent any compromise in terms of security.

Galaxkey has a manual key revocation approach.

In the edit mode, to revoke your identity, click 'Revoke'.

Enter your password and click Revoke to revoke the current  private key.

After the current private key is revoked, a new private key is generated which is then used to decrypt all the secured documents. You can still continue to open the old documents.

Manage Galaxkey Invites

The Galaxkey invite is a formal request, in the form of an e-mail, sent to a recipient who is yet to register with Galaxkey.

The Identities > Invites module provides a detailed view of all the invites sent till date along with an option to send invites.

The Invites list provides details like the invitee email, its status (Active, by default) the date of sending an invite and status of the invite - accepted or not.

Click the Invite button on the Invites listing to send an invitation to your contacts.

Enter the email id in the Invite email and click Send Invite. An invite will be sent and the details will be listed.  

Note: Please note that the individual free users can send a maximum of FIVE invites per month. Please contact Galaxkey Support in case of further queries.