galaxkey for windows

Galaxkey for Windows, the Windows desktop application lets you secure, share and synchronise your files and folders without compromising on security.

Following are the main features of Galaxkey for Windows

1.Complete Shell Integration to provide encryption and decryption on the click of a mouse button.

2.Free 10GB cloud storage for storage and synchronisation on multiple devices

3.Galaxkey Vault to secure third party cloud storage services like Dropbox, Boxed, iCloud, Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive.

4.Secure file sharing with other users

Getting Started

When you install Galaxkey for the first time, a desktop icon is created

Launching Galaxkey for Windows -  Galaxkey for Windows is launched on successful installation.

For later, double click the Galaxkey desktop icon to start the Galaxkey application in background.

The application opens with the login dialog. Please enter your Galaxkey login id and password to get started.

If you are authenticated successfully, a Galaxkey tray icon will be visible.

Galaxkey Icon Modes

During the usage of Galaxkey, the tray icon changes colours based on the activity and status it is currently present. The following table gives an overview of the various changes

This icon indicates that the Galaxkey is running properly and is able to communicate with the cloud storage and the authentication servers.

This icon indicates of some upload and download activity when the Galaxkey Secure Share is active.

This icon indicates that Galaxkey is unable to authenticate or there is no network connection at the moment.

Apart from the above three icons, when someone shares a file with you using the Galaxkey Secure Share, there will be small yellow dot on the top right of the icon which indicates that there are some files which are ready to download.

Once you visit the Files shared for me menu item from the tray icon, this indication will disappear.