Galaxkey Secure Share

With availability of numerous Cloud storage options individuals and workforce is increasingly accessing and sharing data — some of it highly sensitive — across many different devices from many different locations. Thus, the onus is on securing this type of data sharing. Galaxkey Secure Share or GSS for short, lets you share your files and folders securely with other users.

The advantages of Galaxkey Secure Share;

1.Provisioning a secured digital hub in the cloud to store and manage the content

2.Ability to sync data between devices - Windows desktop, Hand-held devices and Web.

3.Team Sharing where the shared data can be accessed by a group of users on proper authentication and authorisation.

Galaxkey Secure Share is facilitated by a series of client applications, viz.,

1. Galaxkey for Windows

2.Galaxkey apps (for Android and iOS) on Hand-held devices

3.Galaxkey Manager - Data security module