Galaxkey Mail

Securing Emails using Galaxkey is the key function for both Individual as well as corporate users. The Galaxkey clients aid this across various platforms.

Galaxkey Security provides end-to-end security for e-mail and attachments therein, inside the enterprise to the desktop, at the enterprise gateway, and across leading mobile smartphones and tablets. This is provisioned by a series of client applications.

Galaxkey Add-in for Microsoft Outlook: This is the MS Outlook add-in which transforms Outlook into a Galaxkey enabled client. Galaxkey Add-in allows you to secure email communication as well as messages in store.

NOTE: Galaxkey Add-in for Microsoft Outlook is a part of Galaxkey for Windows. When you install Galaxkey for Windows, and if your system contains Microsoft Outlook, the add-in would be automatically installed. There is no separate installer for the Add-in

Galaxkey for OS X: This is the OS X component that extends email security to the OS X mail app.

Galaxkey Web Access (GWA): The web interface to access your secured mails over the internet in any of the browsers. If GWA is enabled for a user, the secured mail will contain a link to access the email over the internet, on proper authentication.

Galaxkey iOS App: An iOS compatible app to send and receive your Galaxkey secured mails from your iOS device.

Galaxkey Android App: An Android compatible app to send and receive your Galaxkey secured mails from your Android device.