special Access

Galaxkey Add-in: Administrative Access

Situations can arise in a corporate environment where the legitimate stakeholders of a secured mail may not be available to decrypt the mail. In such cases, Galaxkey authorises the Corporate Administrator to access the mail on proper authentication.

This option is exclusively available in the Galaxkey Add-in.

To access a secured email using Administrative Access;

1.Double click or right click and select Show on context menu or select the email and click on Show in the Galaxkey ribbon

2.On the Authentication window, select the ‘Administrative Access’ option. This will enable two more fields - Administrator's Galaxkey Login Id and Administrator's Galaxkey Password

3.Provide your Galaxkey credentials and access the secured mail.

Note: You can restore the  mail or just  view it.

Whenever the administrator accesses a secured mail, a notification is sent to the mailbox owner.

Access using Galaxkey for Windows

You can save the '.gxk' file locally on your desktop and access it without starting Outlook at a later date using the Galaxkey for Windows desktop application.

To access a secured email using Galaxkey for Windows;

1.Right click and select Save As... on the context menu to save the file locally.

2.Double click the saved file. This will open the Galaxkey for Windows login screen.

3.Provide your Galaxkey credentials and access the secured mail.

4.If you are already logged in and the session is active, the file will be opened directly.

Note: If you have multiple profiles configured in Outlook, you must select the appropriate profile to access the email.