GSS configuration

Before you start using Galaxkey Secure Share, please ensure that the following configurations are made.

Galaxkey Secure Share

The configurations in this section are applicable to the Galaxkey Secure Share and access to mail in Galaxkey Web Access (GWA).

Enable Galaxkey Secure Share File Synchronisation: This option, enabled by default, facilitates the secure synchronisation and sharing of files via the Galaxkey cloud.

Thus, the Files in your cloud folder (C:\Users\<logged in user>\Documents\Galaxkey Share Root\user folder\My Folder) are uploaded to the Galaxkey Cloud.

These files can then be downloaded on any other Windows computer from where the user logs on to Galaxkey.

Similarly, secured sharing of files is enabled when this option is enabled.

Note: If this option is disabled, you will not be allowed to use Galaxkey Cloud Synchronisation for storing and sharing files securely.