secure file sharing

While sharing a file with others, Galaxkey uses a multi tenanted file encryption model to secure the files and share with other users.

The files are shared via the Galaxkey Cloud storage.

Similar to Galaxkey Cloud Synchronisation, before the file is copied to the cloud for sharing, it is secured (encrypted) locally on your machine and then shared with other users. This way your file is completely safe in the cloud and no one can get access to your data.

Creating Groups

In Galaxkey, files and folders are always shared with secure groups. Thus, once a document is updated and synced in a group, everyone subscribed to that share will have access to the most up-to-date version of that document.

To create groups;

1.Click the Groups icon in the tray menu OR

2.Click the Groups icon in the Galaxkey Shares

On the Group Management dialog, click the New Group button to add a new group.

On the Group Membership dialog,

1.Enter a valid name for the group

2.Select the email id of users to whom you want to grant access to the group. In case the user is not listed, you can type the email id and add it to the Current Member list.  

3.Press OK to see the new group listed on the Group Management dialog.

4.Once you have created a group, a folder is created in your My Folder (Cloud Folder) with a prefix Group_ to the actual group name you have entered.

e.g., You have created  a group named "Sales". Then, this will be listed in the My Folder as "Group_Sales".

Note: When a group member is NOT registered with Galaxkey, an invite is sent on successful creation of the group.

You can create a new group while sharing a file as well

Sharing Files

After creating a group, the next step in line is to share files and folders with the group. In Galaxkey, this can be done in more than one ways.

The shared files are listed in the Shared For me folders of the shared users.

To share files using Galaxkey menu options;

1.Right Click on the file and select Share on the context menu to open the Group Management dialog. You can share multiple files or even a folder in one go.

2.Select the required group from among the ones listed on the Group Management dialog and click the Share button. Alternately, you can create a new group, select it and share the file.

3.An email will be sent to all the group members notifying that a file or folder has been shared with them.

Alternately, you can just copy the file or folder to be shared and paste it in the group folder in your My Folder.

Editing Sharing Settings

The group owner can change the sharing settings at any point in time.

This can be achieved by;

1.Adding or removing a member from the group.

2.Editing the already shared document.

3.Deleting the shared document from the group folder.