Account Management

The My Profile page provides a detailed view of your Galaxkey Account. Here, you can

1.Edit your Galaxkey profile

2.Change your password

3.Set-up the two-factor authentication for Galaxkey Manager

Edit Profile

The ‘EDIT’ button lets you update the following details:

Login ID – The default login id is the email id that you had first registered with Galaxkey. You can edit this to any other user id. You can thus use the updated login id as well as your email id for logging on to Galaxkey.

In the Name field enter your name.

Address – Typically, this is your complete postal address fitting in the Address1, Address2, City, State or County, Postcode/Zip and Country fields.

Telephone and Fax numbers in the Phone 1, Phone 2 and Fax fields.

Primary Email – This, by default, is the email identity that was registered with Galaxkey when you created your account. You can change it. You will receive all the Galaxkey alerts on this email id.

Alternate Email - In case of corporate users, we would recommend that you set this email address with your personal email address.

Change Password

Enter your current password and the new password and click Update.

The next time you authenticate to any of the clients, you will have to provide the new password.