Galaxkey Web Access

Galaxkey Web Access (GWA), as the name suggests is the ability to access secured emails over the internet using any of the popular browsers.

This is particularly advantageous when you receive a Galaxkey secured email and must respond to it as such.

Accessing Secured emails

The Galaxkey Manager > Data Protection > Secure Emails section lets you send and access your secured emails. There are two ways to access the emails via GWA;

1.Using the Inbox menu option in Galaxkey Manager, which exclusively lists the secured emails from your Outlook inbox and lets you access them via any of the popular browsers.

2.Using the link received in the secured email

To access a secured email using GWA Inbox;

1.Log on to the Galaxkey manager and go to Data Protection > Secure Emails > Inbox.

2.Select the email to be read. The decrypted email will be shown in the reading pane.

To access a secured email using the GWA link;

1.Click the GWA link received with the secured email

2.You will be redirected to the login page of the Galaxkey Manager.

3.After you authenticate successfully, the reading pane will display the decrypted email.