Two factor authentication

The two-factor authentication for the Galaxkey Manager is OTP based and uses mobile phones. The OTP generation is facilitated in two ways:

1.Using Galaxkey app on your device as a software token for One Time Password (OTP) generation. The generated One Time Password is valid for only a short period and is generated by factors that are unique to both, the user and the device itself.

2.Using a SMS-based mechanism. The SMS-based system is also implemented as a backup mechanism for retrieving the password.

Device Pairing

In order to use your Galaxkey app to generate the OTP, you must first link your device with your Galaxkey identity.

Go to My Profile and click the Pair Device button. The following window lets you select the preferred mode of OTP generation.

Using Galaxkey App

Select preferred mode of OTP generation as 'Use Galaxkey app (iOS/Android)' and click OK.

Scan the generated QR Code using the Galaxkey app on your device and click OK.

Your device is now paired with your Galaxkey account and ready for use.

Using Mobile Number

Select preferred mode of OTP generation as 'Use Mobile Number'.

Enter your phone number and click OK. You will receive a text message with the OTP.

Enter this OTP in the text box and click OK.

In case, you have not receive the OTP, click the 'Resend OTP' button.

After the pairing is successful in both cases, the device will be listed on My Profile.

Revoking Two-Factor Authentication:

You can revoke the two-factor authentication by unpairing the device and your account.

Click the delete button under the Action column and confirm the action to unpair.