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A warm welcome from Galaxkey!

Congratulations for registering with Galaxkey, a robust content security solution!

Galaxkey is a versatile, cloud-based content security platform designed and developed on a secured-identity based model. We secure your emails and documents via the Galaxkey Platform, safeguarding your user information from unauthorised viewers.

With advances in networking and communication technologies, e-mail has established itself as a formal communication medium. Indeed, e-mail has gone beyond a mere communication tool and is being used for communicating confidential information, including official documents ranging from notices, invoices and confirmations to name a few.  These developments also raise issues surrounding email security and privacy of data. E-mail is highly susceptible to various forms of attack, starting at the e-mail source point, onto the corporate server, at all stages between the source and delivery servers and finally to the destination point.  The risk of attack increases multi-fold at each point. There are various solutions offered to counteract these vulnerabilities at various points but these solutions offer only a partial solution.  However, a robust solution that is able to address all the vulnerabilities and still maintain ultimate control with the end user, the sender and receiver is desirable.  This is the solution which Galaxkey provides.

When a user registers with Galaxkey, a security identity is created which is associated with the users' email address. This identity is managed and stored by Galaxkey in the cloud and is accessible to any Galaxkey enabled client on proper authorisation and authentication.  The identities on the platform are completely secured with user provided unique credentials; ensuring secure user access. The administrators of corporate users have full control.

Galaxkey offers security solutions using state of the art technology to secure e-mail end-to-end and not only in transit but at the source and at the destination while maintaining control with the end user through proper authentication.